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How To Invite All Friends Of Facebook To Like Your Facebook Page For Google Chrome Users Using PC

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As you all know that we can manage pages on facebook and facebook allows us to do that easily and in a secured way but when it comes to invite your friends on facebook there is a problem that you have to invite your friends one by one you don't have select all or invite all option now......

But don't get sad about it you have another way through which instead of inviting your friends one by one you can invite all of your friends at once....

Requirements :

1. Google Chrome Browser

If you don't have google chrome browser installed you can download it from the official website.

2. After Installing Google Chrome Add 

Invite All Friends To Facebook Extension

Steps To Invite All Your Friends To Facebook :

1.Go To Facebook Website & Log-In With Your ID Password - WWW.FACEBOOK.COM

2. After logging in go to your page which you manage 

3. On the right hand side of your page you'll find an option invite friends to like this page click on that option

4. After clicking on that option go to the top right side of your browser where you'll find your INVITE ALL TO FACEBOOK extension which you have added and click on it.

5. After clicking on that tick mark just sit back and relax for sometime it will automatically invite all your friends to like this page.

6. That's All Your Done Enjoy.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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