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How To Save/Preserve Battery Life Of An iPhone

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In this post ill be showing you some tips on how you can preserve/save the battery life of your iPhone. Battery draining is the major issue for an iPhone to solve that there are 3 ways to do so.......

Some people may know about this some may not so just have a look you'll find something really important

Method 1 :

1. If you don't use the facebook app much (i.e) you don't need any facebook application you can use it from any browser like safari,uc browser,google chrome then you can delete the facebook app because facebook app of an apple phone takes 15% of the battery so if that is deleted 15% of your battery is saved.

Now if you don't want to delete your facebook application then you have other ways too those are

Method 2 :

There are many applications like whatsapp , facebook, hike, instagram etc which are commonly used by everyone and those applications when you use it drains battery but even when you close those application they run in the background and due to which your battery is drained a lot so to stop the application to run in the background you can turn off the background app refresh of iPhone which will help you in saving a lot of battery life .

To turn off  background app refresh follow the simple steps :

1.Go to settings

2.In settings go to general general search for background refresh app option & select that 

4.Then turn off the background app refresh 

That's it your done you'll now save a lot of battery from it.

Method 3 :

Now if you want to save more and more battery then you can try this method.

Turning low power mode on which is the best and effective method it will save lot of battery in your iPhone.

Low power mode feature just came in iPhone with the new update of i.o.s 9 

You can turn low power mode for all the time no matter what your battery percentage is low power mode will stop background refresh app automatically it will adjust the brightness the screen timeout and give you an effective result of battery saving

To turn Low Power Mode Follow the simple steps :

1.Go to settings 

2.Then go to Battery option

3.In battery you'll find the Low Power Mode option turn it on

4.That's it your done now just sit back and relax and use your iPhone without getting tensed for your battery drain problem 

Method 3 is really effective and it saves lot more battery compared to method 1 and method 2 so you can try for method 3 

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