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How To Fix/Solve Invalid IMEI Problem In Any Android Phone(MTK Devices)

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So are you having the problem of Invalid IMEI. Then here's the solution to it.

What happens when you have Invalid IMEI problem?????

When you have invalid IMEI problem you will not get signal of your sim card or else it will show as only emergency calls

This Problem occurs because your IMEI is removed from your device

Its is very easy to fix/insert your IMEI number in your phone back .

To Check Whether Your IMEI Is Present in your device or not :

1. Go to Dialer and Dial *#06#

2.A Popup Box Will Be Shown In Which If your IMEI will be present the the number will be shown and if not present it will show as Invalid IMEI

Requirements :

Steps To Fix This Problem :

1.Download And Install Mobile Uncle Tools App On Your Android Phone

2.Launch Mobile Uncle Tools App & Go to  Engineer Mode

3.Under Engineer Mode Select Engineering Mode (MTK)

4.After That Go yo Connectivity & Select CDS Information

5.In CDS Information Select Radio Information

6.Then Select Phone 1 For Sim 1 & in the input box enter AT+EGMR 1,7"Your IMEI Number" and press Send AT Command you'll get a message shown AT Command Sent

7.Then For Sim 2 Select Phone 2 & in the input box enter AT+EGMR 1,10"Your IMEI Number" and press Send At COmmand you'll get a message shown At Command Sent

8. Reboot Your Device and Enjoy.....!!!!!!

After reboot again check your IMEI by Dailing *#06#

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