How To Flash/Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Y gt-s5360

Hi i am going to teach you how to flash or unbrick your galaxy y gt-s5360. This problems occurs when you try to root your phone & miss any step or do the process of rooting in wrong way. To correct that problem & to help you this post will be very useful for you. I tried to unbrick/flash my phone with stock rom via odin & it worked for me. Now my galaxy y is working very smoothly.

To unbrick/flash your phone just follow the below process correctly :

Requirements :

1. A samsung galaxy y gt-s5360.

2. A computer/laptop running on windows xp or windows vista or windows 7 or windows 8.

3. Proper usb drivers must be installed on your computer/laptop. If you don't have proper usb drivers you can download below :

4. Now you have to download stock rom files. If you have proper stock rom files then no problem else you can download the stock rom files below :

5.Last & Final thing you need to have on your computer/laptop is odin 3 -v If you have odin 3 -v already installed on your computer/laptop then no problem else you can download odin 3 -v below :

How To Flash/Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Y gt-s5360 :

1. Download the required odin 3 -v & stock rom files from the above links & place them on your desktop.

2. Now extract odin 3 -v & stock rom files on your desktop using any extractor. Common extractor is winrar to download winrar :

3. After unzziping or after extracting odin 3 -v you will get 2 files :

                          Odin3 v1.85.exe

4.  After unzziping or after extracting stock you will get 3 files :


5. Now switch/turn off your samsung galaxy y gt-s5360 & remove battery for 5-10 seconds.

6. After removing battery for 5-10 seconds insert the battery & enter to download mode.

7. To enter into download mode press volume down+home+power buttons for 10 seconds.

8. Then press volume up button to enter & you will enter into download mode.

9. Now attach/connect your  phone to your computer/laptop via usb cable.

10. Open odin 3 -v 1.85.exe on your computer/laptop & make sure that a yellow color appears in ID:COM this means that your phone is connected to pc & detected by odin.

11. Now attach/select those 3 stock rom files 


Then click on start button & let odin do the rest of the work. After completing the process a "PASS" message will be displayed in green color. Thats it your done.

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