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How To Save Memory Space In iPhone

Hello friends back with a great post in saving  memory space for an iPhone.

This post will be really helpful for those who are using a 16 gb iPhone because 16 gb is really a less space to store videos photos movies etc so now the wait is over you can save your storage easily on iPhone.

Why we need memory space ?

Well memory space is the only thing which is used to store pics videos movies & application details as well.

Why to save memory ?

1 . If you save memory space you will be able to store more apps videos pics movies in your iPhone.

2 . You may think iPhone doesn't get hang but still if you use iPhone 4/4s/5 it may get hanged so if the storage is free it won't get hanged too

3 . Battery life will be good and will not drain faster.

4 . Your iPhone will work smooth.

Tired of the notification low on memory space free up some space to download or store more apps pics video then you are at right place read the instructions given below

So to save your storage/memory space in iPhone follow these steps :

1 . Try to download the apps only you use don't download unwanted apps because it may run in background make your phone speed slow .

2 . When you browse (i.e) when you do any kind of google search in safari try to browse in private mode so that it won't store cache memory, it won't store cookies and history in your iPhone

3 . Keep your photos in iCloud or any other cloud storage so that you will be able to access anywhere you are & each pic takes only little amount of space so it will be easy to upload and access it from cloud storages

4 . You can also add movies videos to cloud storage but it will take much time to upload a movie in cloud storage so this option is optional

5 . Check & delete all the unwanted things from your iPhone

6 . The pics & videos you delete are stored in recently deleted album delete those from that too so that the memory will be free

7 . From whats hike disable save to album function in your iPhone so that you will be having option of what pic to save in your iPhone & what to delete which will help a lot

8 . As you know nowadays many people are forwarding unwanted video audio etc through social media like whatsapp hike etc so you can disable save incoming media so that they won't get saved in your iPhone but they will be in your whatsapp

9 . To disable save incoming media function go to whatsapp->setting->chats->disable save incoming media

10 . Delete unwanted chats from hike whatsapp facebook imo etc from all social media apps so that it may free some more space

11 . Most important avoid using facebook app in iPhone because facebook uses more memory space compared to others and it also heats the mobile and battery life will be bad due to that so if possible use facebook in browser only

That's it these are some  few general  instructions which may help you in saving a good amount of storage space in iPhone

Thank you enjoy........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay Tuned for more exciting tweaks & tricks...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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