How To Get Some Nice & Quality Backlinks On Your Website/Blogspot

As You all know that backlinks play a vitalo & a major role on bringing huge amount of traffic on your website/blog. It also helps in increasing earnings of your blog/website.

Want to create backlinks but confused  how to start & from where to start???

Then you are at right place. I will be showing you on creating some nice quality backlinks for your website/blog which may help in increase in your website rank, traffic will also be increased in your website.

Before creating backlinks I would like you to inform about some sites which charge money for backlinks & gives you huge amount of traffic through it I would like to say you that don't go on such site they can only increase your traffic but your site rank & earnings won't get affected much.

There are many sites which gives information on creating backlinks but you may get confused on how to get started so I will show you how to get started on creating backlinks

Note : Remember one thing that when you create backlinks for you website do not create backlinks for your home page only create for internal links also like some of your posts links etc....You can also link your homepage but don't do it everytime give different links from your website it would be helpful to increase your website rank

Steps To Get Started With Creating BackLinks :

1 . You Can Look for  sites which allow Guest Posting.

Now you may think what is Guest Posting ??

Well it is nothing but you can post your ideas on other sites so that you can gain traffic from that sites.

Now the problem is choosing which site to use for Guest Posting

You can use many sites but remember to use the site which has a good website rank & which has a good traffic so that you will also be beneficial

Sites Like Shout Me Loud || Out Brain || Basic Blog Tips || Tiny Buddha etc accepts Guest Posting

2 . After Guest Posting You Can give your suggestions or answer of some questions on discussion forms which are related to your knowledge & website as well 

Discussion forms like quora yahoo etc helps in providing good backlinks so that you can gain huge traffic through it

You can register in quora & yahoo & start answering on the forms & also remember don't give your homepage link always give internal links also for example there is a question on how to create backlinks then answer the question & insert the link of the post you created instead of linking your home page

Quora gives best foreign traffic for your webistes

3 . Interlink your posts with other websites & also in your website

Interlinking means adding You May Also Like Link In Between Your Post or Adding your post link in between the posts you write this will also help you in getting a good amount of backlinks 

4 . Comments on other websites related to your content will also help you in gaining backlinks 

Note : Remember Do Not Spam Others Site

You Should have patience after following these steps withing few days you will see changes on your site.

I Hope this post will be valuable for you Thank You Enjoy.......!!!!!!!!!!!
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