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Best Alternative To Facetime For Both Android & IOS For Video Calling

Hello friends. You all would have heard about FaceTime and what it actually is. For those who don't know about FaceTime, here is a brief explanation.

     FaceTime is an IOS application used for video chatting or video calling across Apple products. It is the best application used worldwide for video calling.

     But, it has some setbacks. It is compatible  only on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad's etc. A good part of the population being Android users, FaceTime cannot be used by everybody. If that is the case, What is the Android alternate for FaceTime?

     There are many alternatives for video calling for Android users which supports the iOs platform as well.

     Skype is a good option. It is used for voice and video calls and the primary used being international calls . Skype provides very cheap international calls. Icing to the cake, it also provides an option for group video call. You can make group video calls with upto 25 people. Your meetings just got easier.

     Calls being the primary function, it also provides option to chat with people and group chat with the maximum limit of 300 people. It is available on all platforms. Smartphones (IOS & Android), Computers, Tablets, Macs and such.

     Facebook Messenger is another alternative. It is primarily used for text messages and it also allows free video and voice calling. It has a unique feature of chat heads. A personal or a group chat will appear as a small pop up in the shape of a circle at the corner of the screen. You can multi task and this can be very helpful when you multiple tasks to perform. It is available for smartphones, tablets & Computers.

Google DUO is very simple yet by far the best video calling application. It is currently trending. It is very handy for cross platform(IOS & Android) video calling. It Provides High Quality Video with faster and reliable video calls compared to other alternatives.

It has a unique feature called knock knock. It enables us to see the person requesting you for a video call. It is compatible on both IOS & Android platforms.

These are the 3 best alternatives for facetime which are supported on different platforms. All the 3 alternatives provides a good experience of video calling, the new cool.

     IMO provides facility to make free video & voice calls and also enables users to share unlimited messages, stickers & media like photo video etc. It enables group video calling. You can make video calls to more than one person at the same time. It is available on various platforms.



Thank You. Keep Visiting. Keep Video Calling, and Stay Connected.

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