Play Basketball With Friends While Chatting With Them On Facebook Messenger

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In today's post i will be showing you that how you play basketball on messenger while chatting with your friend.

Note : This trick works only with the messenger app.

Requirements :

Facebook Messenger Application Should Be Installed.

Steps To Follow :

1 . Open Facebook Messenger app and make sure that you are logged in to your account.

2 . Search for the friend  with whom you want to play basketball.

3 . Now click on the text area where you type the messages.

4 . Now press the emoji icon so that you will get the list of stickers gif's & emojis available in that select emoji.

5 . Under the emoji tab you will have an ball icon in which you will find different emojis of different sports balls like Basketball football baseball et,. in that select basketball emjoi.

6 . After selecting it just hit the send button and send the emoji to your friend after sending just click on that emoji and new window will appear showing a basket and basketball so just drag the ball and pull it on the basket.

Note : Once the play screen appears, it will prompt your friend also to play the game.

7 . That's all you are done keep playing and keep challenging your friends Thank You......!!!!!!!!

Watch This Video For More Clear Instructions :

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