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How To Transfer Data From iPhone To Android Easily

Hello guys! This is Manish Jain. I have finished my graduation in BCA. This is my webiste which I have created to share my views and ideas on the use of technology and smartphones. You can checkout more stuffs related to this on my website WWW.TRICKBUFF.COM .

In this post I will be showing you about transferring data like calendars contacts camera photos and videos from iPhone To Android easily and quickly.

Changing your phone from iPhone to Android but having tension that how to transfer your data then you are at right  place just follow some simple steps and your data will be transferred easily.

There are many methods to transfer data the method I will show is very simple you have to just download an app in both the device and you will be done.

Requirements :

Note : Follow The Below Option If Both Devices Are Connected On Same Network

Steps To Copy Data From iPhone To Android : Steps To Copy Data From iPhone To Android:

1 . Download & Install Copy My Data In Both The Phones 

2 . After Downloading Launch Copy My Data On Both Phones 

3 . Press Next & Select To or From Another Device Over WiFi 

4. You Device Will Be Listed In Both The Phones Select Your Device In Both The Phones 

5 . Now In Your Android Mobile Select Copy Data To Selected Device It will Give You A Pin Put That Pin In Your iPhone

6. Then Select The Data You Want To Copy Like Contacts Photos Calendar Videos among These Four Select What You Want To Copy & Press Next

7 . Wait Till The Process Is Finished & That's All Its Done

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