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Earn Free BitCoin - Mine BitCoins While Surfing The Web

 Hello guys! This is Manish Jain. I have finished my graduation in BCA. This is my webiste which I have created to share my views and ideas on the use of technology and smartphones. You can checkout more stuffs related to this on my website TRICKBUFF.

Nowadays everyone knows Crypto Currency have boomed the markets a lot and people are investing into these currencies like BitCoin, Etherium, Tron, Doge etc.....

BitCoin is the most famous crypto currency till now and its price have boomed a lot no one had expected that it can go so high. Current price of bitcoin as of now is 29,10,714 and it may vary when you are reading this post but the point here is not everyone can afford to invest in this currency but still want to buy it so if you are one among those then you have arrived on the right place.

In this post ill be telling you how you can earn BitCoins for free. To earn BitCoins for free follow the steps provided below:

1. Download the Crypto Tab Browser -> Click Here To Download Crypto Tab Browser

2. Once the browser is installed on your PC/Desktop/Laptop/Tab sign up using your email id password or you can give sign up using social media like gmail, fb etc...

3. Once you are signed up you will receive a link in your email id through which you need to verify your email id.

4. After the email verification you will be taken to the Crypto Tab dashboard where in you can check how much of bitcoin you have earned so far initially it will be 0.

Once all your setup is done then you are ready to earn just check how can you earn -> 

1. To earn from Crypto Tab you need to keep the browser always on so that it can mine bitcoin through it.

2.  Through affiliate marketing you can earn you need to just forward your affiliate link to other peoples and make them install the browser which will help you earn bitcoins

3. You can create banners and posters from the promo tab in the browser dashboard and post it in social media.

4. If you are a website developer or if you know bit of html/css coding then you can even create landing page which again you can create it from the promo tab and market your page that would help you generate more affiliates.

5. If you own a website you can add the poster/banners/landing page on your website and let your traffic know about it so that you can earn affiliates from your traffic as well

So these are some simple steps that might help you earning free bitcoins. I hope you’ll find these helpful. Please try this on your Own Responsibility.