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Earn Free Talk Time & Internet By Surfing/Browsing

Hello guys! This is Manish Jain. I have finished my graduation in BCA. This is my webiste which I have created to share my views and ideas on the use of technology and smartphones. You can checkout more stuffs related to this on my website TRICKBUFF.

In today's post I will be sharing about how can you earn free talk time and internet by just browsing/surfing.

Before getting into the post let me tell you about browsing/surfing.

Browsing/Surfing means just searching about anything on the internet. For example you want to know who are the top ten highest paid actors just go to google and search that is called browsing/surfing.

So this sounds interesting that just for searching anything on the internet you will be getting talk time and internet for free. You can also watch videos on youtube check your facebook instagram and earn free talk time and internet.

Let me say you how can you earn free talk time and internet. You just need to search anything on internet or watch videos or surf through your facebook instagram or any other social media account. That means anything you do it on internet you will earn some points as reward and those points can be redeemed as talk time or internet depending on your requirement. For every 1000 points earned you get ₹1.

You must be wondering that you browse daily for something but never heard about something like this. But let me say you all those surfing/browsing social media/watching videos all those should be done in an app called mCent Browser. This app is only available for android & not for ios.

Requirements :

Steps To Get Started :

1. Download & Install mCent browser on your phone.

2. Launch the app & register yourself by providing your mobile number.

3. After providing mobile number you will receive an otp which will be verified automatically if not you can enter it manually.

4. After that select your mobile operator (i.e) Airtel, Jio, Vodafone etc.

5. Then enter your personal details like Name and Birth Date.

6. That's all you will get registered now you can start surfing and earn points so that you can redeem it to earn free talk time & internet.

7. Thank You for reading. Keep Surfing. Stay Connected.....!!!!!!

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