How To Create A Ringtone (or) Cut A Song & Convert Songs Video Images

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In this post ill show to how to cut a song to create a ringtone for......

It is very easy to create a ringtone....

You can also convert songs from wav to mp3 or any other song extension or any other video images etc according to their corresponding extension for example if you want to convert video then extensions are mp4,Avi,3gp,Mobile Device etc.......

Requirements :

Format Factory Software for PC

Steps to cut a song for creating a ringtone :

1.Download & install format factory for pc

2.After installing launch the format factory to create ringtone go to audio at left side of software

3.Select mp3 option in audio & click on Add File & search for the song to cut and select the song

4.Now click on set range & set the start time & end time of the song

Note : Start Time is the time from which you want your song to start & End Time is the time which you want your song to end

5.Now press ok & then again select ok & after reaching the main screen on the top of the software you will see start option click on that and wait the proccess to finish

6.You will receive notification after the process is finished 

7.Now click on output folder you will find you converted file

8.That's it enjoy.........Your ringtone will be created in just 2-5 mins.....

Note : To convert video images etc the process is same just select on video or image instead of audio & select the extension you need the convert rest process is same..........

How To Create A Ringtone (or) Cut A Song & Convert Songs Video Images How To Create A Ringtone (or) Cut A Song & Convert Songs Video Images Reviewed by Manish Jain on November 17, 2015 Rating: 5
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