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How To Use Your Android Phone As CCTV Camera

Hello guys! This is Manish Jain. I have finished my graduation in BCA. This is my webiste which I have created to share my views and ideas on the use of technology and smartphones. You can checkout more stuffs related to this on my website

In this post I am going to show you how to use your android phone as webcam.
Specially if you have a old android phone as a spare piece that is the phone which is not in use for you you can make use of that phone by making it as a webcam or a security cam for your office use or home purpose or for anything... It is very useful and very easy to make your android phone as a webcam....

Requirements To Make Android Device Into A Webcam :

1.An internet connection or a wi-fi connection

2.Android Phone

3.Download IP Webcam App for android device 

Steps To Make Android Device Into A Webcam :

1. Download & Install IP Webcam App For Your Android Device

2.Launch the IP Webcam app in your device

3.Scroll Down at last and you will see "START SERVER" option click on that

4.After clicking on start server your camera will get activated and at the bottom of your screen IP Address will be present

5.In Your mobile or laptop or pc launch any browser like "FIREFOX,CHROME,IE etc 

6.In the url tab enter the IP Addres which is shown at the bottom of your screen

7.A tab will get displayed like the image

8.Select flash option if you have installed flash player in your browser

9.If you don't have flash player present in it then select browser to watch the recording

10.If you want to hear the audio of whats getting recorded by your device then select "FLASH HTML5 WAV OR HTML5 OPUS"

11.That's it your done your android device is now turned into a webcam enjoy.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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