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How To Change The Mouse Cursor In Your Blog

How to change the mouse cursor of your blog into animated cursor. One of the best way to add extra fun to your blog is changing the mouse cursor. Changing the mouse cursor of any blogspot is very easy. This will help you to change the mouse cursor of the blog. Many bloggers are asking such kind of questions like whether it is possible to change the cursor of the blogspot? But there are no tutorials available on internet.
This you can do to decorate your blog & get more traffic.

 But now you can change your cursor easily by following the below steps :

Step 1 : Go To

Step 2 : Log-In In To Your Blogger Account.

Step 3 : Back-Up Your Template.

Step 4 : Click On Template & Click On Edit HTML.

Step 5 : Copy The HTML Link Of Your Cursor From Or From Some Other Website.

Step 6 : Press CTRL+F & Search For </macro:includable>  & Paste Your Cursor Link Below It.

Step 7 : If Step 6 Does Not Work Then Paste Your Cursor Link At The Bottom Of Your Page.

Step 8 : Save Your Template & Your Done.

Step 9 : Enjoy......!!!!!!

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